Chris Evans to drop his Captain America identity in Avengers Infinity War?

Amid rumours, speculations, new images every other day about Avengers Infinity War, a photo as surfaced that shows a Captain America shield of a fan that with the sign of Chris Evans… and something else…

Avengers: infinity conflict is one of the most awaited movies this yr, and although it will not be out for months from now, we are already feeling its looming presence on social media and information web sites. There are rumors, speculations, new pix each other day, and forums are packed with discussions as to what would possibly manifest in the approaching movie, who might die, and so forth. Amid this, a image as surfaced that shows a captain the USA protect of a fan that with the signal of Chris Evans.

The actor, who performs captain the us in marvel cinematic universe, has signed thrice at the shield. First time, he has used his actual signature. 2d time, he has signed as ‘cap’, the nickname of captain the united states. And it’s far the 0.33 sign that has intrigued the internet. He has signed as ‘nomad’. Beside him, sebastian stan, who performs the individual of winter soldier inside the franchise, has written “i’m with nomad” beside cap’s signature.

Now, the nomad here is not the nomad within the feel of a homeless person, usually at the move. It’s far really canon. In case you aren’t too familiar with the comic-e-book universe, nomad is the identity captain the us assumed when he have become disappointed with the american government. We realize this happened in captain the united states: civil war, whilst tony stark, who turned into seasoned-government, and fought against cap’s band of insurrection superheroes.

So is this what will happen in Avengers Infinity War? Whatever happens, we can be certain of one thing – that Chris Evans will not wear the gaudy costume of Nomad. We may see a different costume, though.

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