Diana Hayden on her Bigg Boss stint in 2008: The best was that my Hindi improved tremendously

In this interview, Diana Hayden talks about how she froze her eggs three years back, her career as an actor, and why beauty pageant winners aspire to become Bollywood actors….

pass over world 1997, Diana Hayden tried her luck in Bollywood, then seemed on popular truth television show, Bigg Boss in 2008. She made quite some headlines these days whilst she announced her 2nd being pregnant at the age of forty 4. We met Diana at the release of an investment advisory company, Mini homes, specializing in actual estate.

in this interview, Diana talks approximately how she froze her eggs three years returned, her profession as an actor, and why splendor competition winners aspire to grow to be Bollywood actors.

1) making plans a infant at 44 is quite a formidable flow. inform us how freezing eggs helped, and why did you try this few years again?

Being a voracious reader, I occurred to come across a few fabric about egg freezing twelve years lower back. It changed into specially getting used in the US and Australia in instances of most cancers, as a manner to permit the patient to have a baby after they had conquer the disease. The more I study approximately it, the more I preferred the concept of freezing my eggs as that would give me the option to look ahead to Mr. proper to come in to my existence and for me to decide once I desired to have a child – which I usually knew I desired, in place of time or my organic clock dictating the terms of my existence. A commonplace buddy who I had informed approximately this, delivered me to Dr. Nandita Palshetkar who very satisfyingly responded all of my countless questions, after which i was all of the more certain this become in reality what I desired to do. It gave me the liberty to pick. subsequently completely happy at 34 I decided to freeze my eggs.

Little did I recognize that i would want to apply those same eggs for scientific reasons. whilst i used to be equipped to have a baby at forty two we located I had developed a scientific situation called endometriosis that can lessen a female’s hazard of conceiving by using 50 percentage. And thanks to egg-freezing I now have my daughter Arya who’s the maximum splendid, captivating, glad and confident -year-old you may ever meet. Plus, at 44 I’m pregnant once more way to the generation, this time with twins! I experience very blessed.

2) Why haven’t we visible you doing films for the longest time?

My recognition proper now’s on my own family and elevating my daughter Arya. I’ve never stored a nanny for her as I’ve usually desired to elevate my toddler myself, and i can see the difference it makes, by means of the day. also, as I’m now 7 months pregnant with twins I’ve slowed my tempo down for the moment, in particular with my travels. i’m, and have continually been, someone who has followed her coronary heart. If there has been a role that made my heart beat faster, i’d definitely do it. i like thrilling, difficult roles which demand you to attract from inside yourself, even when the person is far removed from yourself.

three) omit international Manushi Chillar is a health practitioner, and seems like she Bollywood ready. Why is there such an intense choice for splendor queens to take in acting?

Manushi is lovely and has performed herself and India very proud. I desire her all the very high-quality in realising her dreams. Bollywood and cricket are the most important crazes in India, no longer to mention how lucrative a profession it can be, so it’s very herbal for that to be a preference. also, when you win a identify like omit international you have got opportunities galore to select from in Bollywood.

four) How has Bigg Boss changed over the years, because you had participated within the 2nd season, in 2008?

i am the worst person to invite that question to, because definitely, I in no way watched the show, now not earlier than I went into the residence as i was residing in la, and no longer after. Me participating became a name taken based totally on the recommendation of my managers. I had an awesome time and loved the rest as i used to be visiting like a maniac before that. The exceptional thing that got here from my stint inside the house turned into that my Hindi progressed relatively as we were pressured to speak most effective in Hindi.

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