The MILLION DOLLAR lingerie: 9 jaw-dropping price tags of Victoria’s Secret fantasy bras

A connoisseur of luxury undergarments, Victoria’s Secret comes out with a fantasy bra every November, with an angel representing it to the world. Ranging from one to twelve million, these bras cost a fortune, and why not? Studded with diamonds and rubies, the lingerie is as fancy as one can imagine it to be! Check out these dazzling bras with a whopping price tag that makes it one of a kind. (Source: Facebook)..

Lais Ribeiro, 2017 The Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra, $2 million. (Source: laisribero/ Instagram)

Jasmine Tookes, 2016 The Bright Night Fantasy Bra, $3 million. (Source: File Photo)

Lily Aldridge, 2015 The Fireworks Fantasy Bra, $2 million. (Source: File Photo)

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